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Our philosophy...
An essential element of art is risk.
If you don't take risks how will you be able to create something authentically
beautiful that has never been seen before?
(Francis Ford Coppola)
This is what we like to do most, try to "invent" something new,
something never seen before,
but one that is able to arouse new states of mind, sensations, passions...

Maybe not everything we can do,
we will like it, but in any case we are satisfied that we tried,
and we are happy that you noticed us...
Our Projects
Translating an idea, a thought, a feeling, an emotion into art...
it all starts with a pencil...
accompanied by the movements of a skilled hand
disegni vari
progettazione e disegno
disegno di collana
Until a...
penne stilografiche
Teorema Fine Jewelery appears on the stage of high jewelery production at the end of the last century. The traditions of Italian goldsmith manufacturing are concentrated in it, based on handwork entirely carried out within the laboratory located in Milan. The productions are an expression of style in which classic and modern are accompanied through a creative rhythm of seductive shapes and plays of light. Innovative materials are a strong point of Teorema Fine Jewelery in a market which, in constant turmoil, seeks its identity.
Evolution of design and stylistic research are prominent elements that Gianluigi Giannini, CEO, does not want to give up.
The 18 ct gold jewels with precious and semi-precious stones are distinguished by styles:
- Fine Jewelry
- Middle Jewelry
- Fashion Jewelry
The latter sees the complicity of titanium adorned with fine and semi-precious stones.
50% of the company's production is made up of unique pieces. Each in turn is divided into two or three further versions.
30% of production is serial and the last 20% is dedicated to exclusive production.
Passion and dedication, aligned with perseverance, are the company's common thread, capable of transforming unique and original solutions into emotions.
Our Processes
vista dall'alto
anello polipo in cera
fusione co saldatrice
oro e argento puro
Our Proposals
orecchini smeraldi zaffiri e diamanti
orecchini smeraldi zaffiri e diamanti
chiusura collana acquamarine
orecchini Londra opale peruviano
And much more...
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