Backstage - Teorema Fine Jewellery

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Our Philosophy...
An essential element of art is risk.
If you don't risk how you can create something authentically
beautiful that has never been seen before?
(Francis Ford Coppola)
This is what we like most, trying to "invent" something new,
something never seen before,
but that is able to arouse new states of mind, sensations, passions ...

Maybe not all we can do,
you will like it, but in any case we are pleased to have tried,
and we are satisfied that you have noticed us ...
Our Projects
Translating an idea, a thought, a feeling, an emotion into art ...
it all starts with a pencil ...
accompanied by the movements of a skilful hand

various designs
planning and drawing
necklace design
To give birth to a ...
fountain pens
Our Workings
view from above
octopus ring in wax
casting with welding machine
pure gold and silver
Our Proposals
emerald sapphire and diamond earrings
emerald sapphire and diamond earrings
aquamarine necklace clasp
London peruvian opal earrings
And much more...
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