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Teorema Fine Jewellery, is an Aforismi brand.
It produces jewelery in gold, silver, titanium, and many other materials, uses only precious natural stones, the design is studied internally and markets the product both directly, through e-commerce, exhibitions, and targeted events, and through resellers who use the most varied channels.
TFJ aims to create attractive objects at the right cost, this does not mean that they have to cost little, but simply their right value, we have in fact made decisions that at first glance may seem to raise the price, but in reality they aim to offer to our customer an exceptional product both in terms of materials, design and workmanship.

Decisions and ethics:
In our products there are no synthetic stones (zirconia, fabulite, etc.), we have reduced semi-precious stones of little value (quartz and small hard stones) to a minimum, in fact even on our silver pendants and non-noble materials you will find only diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, ect...
All processing takes place in Italy, this guarantees attention to detail and use of our workforce.
The materials used as far as possible in the current situation are of traceable origin, and do not come from illicit trafficking, or from areas of the world where they fuel wars and discrimination.
Any further information can be obtained by requesting it via email or telephone.
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